Environmental policy

A better picture for us all
We want to capture all those special moments for generations to look back on and enjoy. But safeguarding our future is also something we’re totally committed to.

Here’s what we’re doing to look after our planet:

The digital revolution

Reducing the amount of processing chemicals we use is one of our top priorities. Now, more than 99% of our photographs are taken digitally, and all our prints are processed by our fleet of digital printers.

As a result of going completely digital, we use less power, and have less of a need for reprints. We’re also helping to reduce emissions by using electric transport vehicles within our laboratory.

Paper mounts up
Mounting and backing boards are essential parts of our business. So, all the covers for our photographic mounts are 100% recyclable.

Our publicity material is printed on Greencoat paper and board – a brand with the highest sustainability credentials. Even our backing board and packaging is made from recycled material wherever possible.

Wrapping up waste

We’re minimising waste wherever we can by recycling all our shrink, stretch and pallet wrap. Soon, all our presentation bags will be completely biodegradable too.
The result…Our contribution to landfill has reduced by half, a trend we’re set to continue.

Our community, our commitment

Addressing the issues facing our community – and our world – is something we take very seriously. Our employees, suppliers and contractors will all tell you the same.

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