Graduations FAQs

Where can I view your product range?

Visit our Graduations website. You will need your ceremony date and time to access this site.

Do I need to book a studio time?

Booking is available at some universities. Contact your university to find out if booking is available for you. Our studios are open as soon as the gowns are available. Simply come along to our studios once you’ve collected your gown. We recommend that you arrive early. Please note that it tends to get busy just before and just after a ceremony and also in between ceremonies held on the same day.



Can I have a family photograph taken?

Yes, the maximum number we can accommodate for a family portrait is 7 (including the graduate).

For family groups of 8 & 9 there is a sitting fee of £25.

For family groups over 10 there is a sitting fee of £40


If my photographs are taken before my ceremony, I won’t have a certificate to hold in the photograph. Does this matter?

We supply dummy scrolls for photographic purposes.

How do I order my photographs?

We have a number of options available:

Pay at our Cash Desk on graduation day

Send your order by post in the envelope provided with your proof photographs

Order online – images should be available to view within 7 days. You will need your 10 digit reference number located on your proof order form.

Telephone Direct Orders on 01736 751555 (option 3)


Will you be taking Presentation Photographs at my ceremony?

We take photographs of the graduate receiving their certificate onstage during the ceremony presentation at most universities, but not all. Contact your university to check whether this service is provided.

When will I receive an order form?

On the day of your graduation a proof image order form will be given to you following your studio session. This will give you your unique 10 digit reference number enabling you to buy your photographs.

Who do I contact if I have a query about my order?

You can track your order by visiting our tracking website or contact us. You will need your unique 10 digit reference number located on your proof order form.

What do I do if I’ve lost my proof image order form?

Your order form is important because it contains your photos unique 10 digit reference number.
If you don’t have a record of this please contact us providing as many details as possible. For instance, name of establishment, date photograph was taken, graduate's hair colour, gender, eye colour, etc.

Can I order more photographs?

Yes. A re-order form is enclosed with all orders which can be posted to Tempest Photography, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 3HU or you can contact us direct. You will need your 10 digit photo reference number located on this form.

When will I receive my Photographs?

All orders are despatched within 28 days from receipt of your order.

Can I buy frames to fit my photographs?

Yes. We have a selection of frames available. However, it may prove more cost effective for you to order one of our packs which includes a framed photograph, or a single framed photgraph. Please visit our Graduations website for more details.

Can I purchase a CD on its own?

No. A CD of your image can only be purchased as an additional item.

Can I order different images within a pack?

We have two packs available which allow you to combine two different images which are The Graduate and Family Pack (GFP) and the Canvas Combination Pack (CCP). All other packs are printed using one reference number for each pack and it is not possible to choose multiple images for any other packs.

How do I order my Presentation Photographs?

If presentation photographs have been taken at your establishment full details of how to view and order them will be available on the day or you can order online.

My photographs have arrived damaged or faulty?

Please return the photographs along with a covering letter direct to Tempest Photography Freepost, Customer Services Department, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 3HU.

How long does Tempest keep my images?

From January 2009, all our images are stored indefinitely.

Q. Who owns the copyright on my images?

H Tempest Limited retains the copyright on all photographs taken and supplied. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without the written permission of H Tempest Limited

What are the print sizes of your photographs?

Print sizes are described in cm and (inches) below:
Large 25 x 20 (10 x 8),
Medium 20 x 16 (8 x 6),
Desk 14 x 11 (5 x 4)