Schools FAQs

I have emailed you and have not heard back yet?

At busy times of year, please note that it can take 3-5 days to respond to enquiries. Please rest assured that your query is extremely important to us and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

I haven’t received a mount with my photo, where is it?

We now only send mounts if you have selected them as an option on your order form. If you would like to receive a mount for your photograph, please fill in this form.

How can I pay for my photographs?

Many of your photographs can be ordered online. Alternatively, you can pay via cheque, credit card, postal order or cash. We do not advise that anyone sends cash in the post unless it is via Special/Recorded Delivery or collected from the school via our pre-arranged Royal Mail service.

If I have more than one child at a school can they have their photo taken together?

Yes, the school usually arranges sibling shots. Please contact your school for more information.

If I have another child in a different school or would like a family photograph including parents; is it possible to have our photo taken together?

This is at the discretion of your school. Sometimes there is a photo session before or after the school day for this style of photos to be taken. Please contact your school for more information.

Can I create my own photo pack using more than 1 image?

We are unable to process a photo pack using a combination of images. However individual prints can be purchased online or contact us direct. You will need your unique 10 digit reference number located on your proof order form.

My photographs have arrived damaged or faulty. What should I do?

Please return the photographs along with a covering letter directly to Tempest Photography, Customer Services Department, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 3HU.

How long does Tempest keep my images?

From January 2009, all our images are stored indefinitely.

Who owns the copyright on my images?

H Tempest Limited retains the copyright on all photographs taken and supplied. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without the written permission of H Tempest Limited.


Who do I contact if I have a query about my order?

Please contact our Customer Service team should you have a query about your order. Please be aware you will need your unique 10 digit reference number located on your proof order form.


When will I receive my Photographs?

This will vary depending on how you ordered, but as a guide:
Orders sent via the school can take up to 10 working days from receipt of your order.
All orders sent directly to our laboratory can take up to 28 days from receipt of your order.

How long do I have to place my order?

To avoid extra costs orders should be placed via the school within 10 days. Outside this period you can order at anytime as long as you retain your unique 10 digit reference number located on your proof order form.

What do I do if I’ve lost my proof order form?

Your order form is important because it contains your unique 10 digit reference number. If you do not have a record of this please contact your schools administrations office who can provide you with this information.

Sale or Return Orders - How can I return my photographs?

Please return the photographs in their original state direct to Tempest Photography, Customer Services Department, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 3HU.

What are the sizes of your prints?

Print sizes are described in cm and (inches) below:
Extra Large 25 x 20 (10 x 8), Large 20 x 15.5 (8 x 6),
Medium 17 x 13.5 (7 x 5½), Desk 13 x 10 (5 x 4),
Fun + border 10.5 x 8 (4½ x 3½), Wallet 5 x 4 (2; x 1¾),
Mini 4 x 3.5 (1¾ x 1½)

Is Tempest GDPR compliant?

We are committed to being fully GDPR compliant by the 25th May 2018 deadline and are currently conducting a full audit of our processes. Please visit our dedicated GDPR page for more information.

Do Tempest use Photoshop to edit any images?

We absolutely do not use Photoshop to modify any of our images. We do offer an image correction service for cosmetic changes. The cost of this service varies depending on the specific changes required.

How do I download my purchased image download to my mobile phone?

Click here to view instructions on how to download your image to your mobile. These instructions are for an iPhone. Follow similar steps for Android devices, using Android specific practices.