Army Training Centre Pirbright

We’ve been providing photography to the British Military and Uniformed Services sector for the past 20 years and have permanent offices on-site at both the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and the Army Training Centre at Pirbright. 

At Pirbright we work throughout the year to deliver a first-class photographic record of the most momentous occasions in the calendar: from training exercises to the all-important Pass Off Parade – filmed in High Definition. In addition we capture troop/squadron group photographs which serve as a treasured reminder of the lifelong friendships forged by the recruits during their time at ATC Pirbright.

Combat Individuals (Week 5)


Taken during weeks 3-6 of training, and most typically in week 5 when recruits undertake two nights in the field on Exercise First Nights (Teaching Exercise). A striking portrait depicting each recruit in their tactical fatigues, rifle in hand and ready for action.


Photographs are available for purchase mounted or fully framed. Customer orders are typically delivered to the recruits before they go on long weekend in week 7.

Final Exercise (Week 13)


Taken in the penultimate week of training to record the recruits’ ‘Final Fling’ exercise (four nights in the field) during which they demonstrate the full range of skills they’ve learned over the previous three months of instruction. Photographs are taken at a pre-agreed location (with our 4x4 vehicles able to access most terrain).


These group photographs are available for the recruits to order framed and in a range of styles. The print will show their Section/Troop/Platoon/Battery/Company name and the dates of the training period, together with surnames of those pictured and the cap badges they represent. A stunning souvenir of the last big hurrah of their training programme.

2-Dress / Section Group (Week 14)


Troop/Platoon photography is taken in the last week of training. This one, in contrast, presenting the recruits in their Two Dress uniform - in a more formal display of their imminent new status as fully trained soldiers of the British Army. The formal groups are typically taken on the Parade Square and serve as a treasured reminder for recruits and staff alike of their achievement and of the lifelong friendships forged during their training at ATC Pirbright.


These photographs are fully framed, printed with the Troop name, dates, the surnames of those pictured and the cap badges they represent.

Pass Off Parade – Studio Portraiture


The Pass Off Parade is the crowning moment of the 14 week training programme and naturally, to mark this proud day Tempest Photography are on hand to provide formal studio portraiture – both individual portraits of recruits and with the friends and family members who have joined them for the big day.


Our studios are invariably set up in the Alexander Club from 12.30 until 15.00. At larger parades two studios are provided to minimise any delay for guests. Sales staff are there to assist customers in choosing from the range of photo-packs available, from mounted to fully framed and in a range of styles.

Pass Off Parade – DVD/USB


In addition to the portraiture studios we provide on the big day (see above), we also capture the parade itself. We currently film all Pass Off parades at ATC Pirbright and this material is edited into a commercial product, which recruits (in fact, by this point trained soldiers!) and their families can order immediately after their parade.


Finished Video presentation is available in two formats: DVDs (Standard Definition) and USB flash drives (High Definition). These are dispatched to customers within 4-6 weeks of their parade.


Our records go back to 1995 for both Training & Pass out parades, please contact us if you would like to obtain a copy.

If you would like us to be your official photographer, please get in touch.